Citizen Declarations

The Universal Declaration of Urban Rights Berlin (UR_BER) considers citizens as experts of their city and invites them to give their critical opinion and to discuss alternative ideas and practices for the use of its public space.

For this purpose, we start with an easy methodology to record comments and opinions about Urban Rights, ordering interventions in three broad areas that are asked to every interviewed participant:

  1. A fundamental right to protect
  2. An unpublished right yet to conquer or to introduce and
  3. A situation to eradicate.

Special thanks to the interviewees:
Carlos Alarcon, Claudia Bartolomeyczik, Stéphane Bauer, Christine Bock, Matthias Böttger, Siri Frech, Christopher Gramer, Severin Halder, Margarete Heitmüller, Sirri Inci, Sandy Kaltenborn, Tino Kretschmann, Stephen Kovats, Andreas Krüger, Gudrun Landl, Tessa Poth, Joanne Pouzenc, Paul Reimert, Kai Schächtele, Enrico Schönberg und Tina Veihelmann.