Session #3

Berlin as common good: How can we use our city together?

What if the whole city would be a “common”? How would the public space be designed and used when the common good is a priority – and by whom? What are the opportunities and where the obstacles in organizing communal use? Are welfare and commercial exploitation compatible interests? How could citizens design and manage common city spaces hand in hand, and what forms of organization do we need for that?

Gäste : Miren Artola (workstation ideenwerkstatt Berlin e.V.), Sophie Bloemen (The Commons Network), Marco Clausen (Prinzessinnengarten), Severin Halder (Allmende-Kontor), Michael Lafond (id22 – Institut für kreative Nachhaltigkeit / Spreefeld Genossenschaft), Ulrike von Wiesenau (Gemeingut in BürgerInnenhand / GiB), vorbehaltlich Zusage: VertreterInnen der Initiativen Freifunk Berlin, Open Street Map, Sharing Cities Network, Die Wiesenburg

Moderation : Julia Förster
Place: Urban Parliament in Ausstellungshallen