Session #1

Berlin: Do we have a right to our city?

Can the city actually be inclusive? What makes a place a public space? How should it be created to enable democratic participation for its users? Where in Berlin can we express our opinion, claim our right of assembly, practice political reflection and negotiate public issues? How can a place create new forms of public and contribute to a diverse community?

Guests : VertreterInnen der Initiativen / Representatives of the initiatives 100% Tempelhofer Feld, Bizim Kiez, Für den Kiezerhalt/Quartier Nördliche Bergmannstraße, Kotti & Co, Christine Bock (Das Kotti-Prinzip), Aljoscha Hofmann (Think Berl!n – Initiative für Stadtdiskurs), Tino Kretschmann (Platzmanagement Alexanderplatz für junge Leute), Dr. Martin Schwegmann (Programmleiter “Actors of Urban Change”) und weitere.

Moderation : Julia Förster