Session #4

Mobility in Berlin: What drives us?

Public transport, cycle paths, pedestrian zones, noise protection: what drives us in Berlin? What priority is given to the right to mobility? How are mobility and transport related to each other, and how do they affect the use of public space? How socially and environmentally sustainable is the transport in Berlin organized? Does the current infrastructure still meet the mobility needs of people and the urban and global development? What alternative models exist?

Gäste : Aljoscha Hofmann (Think Berl!n – Initiative für Stadtdiskurs), Claudia Brückner, Stefan Lieb (Umkehr e.V.), Karl-Heinz Ludewig ( – Netzwerk Solidarische Mobilität), Michael Spenner (TrippleB – Berliner Begegnungszone Bergmannstraße), Heinrich Strößenreuther (Volksentscheid Fahrrad & Initiative Clevere Städte), Simon Wöhr (Radbahn Berlin)

Moderation : Carolin Ackermann
Place: Urban Parliament in Ausstellungshallen